Japan National Tourism

japan travelSee Japan, Really feel Japan, Meet the Native Individuals, and Experience Authentic Japan! Lodges normally serve a Japanese breakfast. Japanese Curry – tried this in Coco Ichibanya in Tokyo. Earlier than my journey to Japan, I read a whole lot of conflicting recommendation on how much Japanese I wanted to know. It’s house to the well-known locations of Tokyo , Kyoto , Hiroshima, Osaka, and Mount Fuji.

Whereas residing in Japan I found it was considered rude to go meals chopsticks to chopsticks. Osaka: Experience Japanese culinary highlights such as ramen, tofu or sushi. Plus, many Japanese eating places (even the non-touristy ones) have photos on the menu, so you may level to what you want and say kore kudasai.

Some female travelers have reported inappropriate conduct, like males asking private questions or catcalling, and groping on trains. But most of the time, they aren’t actually any quicker than riding the Shinkansen as a result of the airports are situated outside the big cities, while the prepare stations are in the heart.

Numbers of LCC home flights can be found in Japan these days and it is now less difficult to travel around the country. There are 10 distributors of ready IC card in Japan corresponding to Suica, Pasmo, Toica, Manaca, Kutaca, Sugoca, Nimoca, Icoca, Pitapa and Hayakaken and can be used in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nagoya and Fukuoka.

In a country the place respect and etiquette are so necessary, learning some Japanese is even more necessary. I assume we have to work harder so we can travel more as a result of we promised ourselves that we will go to Japan many times and repeatedly. For example, the 2-hour bullet train journey from Tokyo to Osaka becomes a ten-hour bus trip.