7 Ways to Save Expenditures When Traveling

One of the most feared when traveling is spending that swells. Of course, before traveling, it’s good for you to plan your expenses during traveling. Do not let the pegs bigger than the pole. This means not to spend more than the planned cost. Avoid debt for traveling especially too easy to use credit cards for needs that are not too urgent.

Save money does not mean stingy. Every now and then you can also use business class aircraft or five-star hotels when traveling. However, spending over budget without being planned will be a disaster after traveling. Do not until after the fun actually instead languish when you go home. When finished traveling, the burden of mind is reduced and not added to the pile of debt.
Here’s how to save expenses when traveling with any destination. These methods may be unconsciously done by you.

1. Choose a One-Star Hotel or Homestay as a Place to Stay

One star hotels can be your choice for a temporary stay or transit. If it’s just a stop over, there’s nothing wrong with you staying at the homestay. Besides being cheaper, you can also save on budget. On some remote islands and hidden tourist destinations it is often difficult to find even one star hotels.

2. You don’t have to always buy, you can cook for food

Cooking is not only possible when climbing a mountain. But when traveling with friends or family can also still be done. Raw materials can be processed into delicious culinary delights. Even if you travel to several villages, you can ask for vegetables for free. Even if it’s not free, you can buy it at a cheaper price compared to the market price.

3. Take advantage of Lunch Promo After Lunch Time

After lunch and before dinner, some restaurants are usually empty of visitors. Now, a moment like this is what a restaurant uses to give special cuts to its customers. You can use the hours after lunch to get promo food. Cheaper but still filling.

4. Always Bring Drinking Bottles of Mineral Water

In some developed countries there are tap water ready to drink in several public places such as parks. Don’t be shy or hesitate to always bring a mineral bottle for your drinking water. Believe it, the price of bottled mineral water in some countries is almost more expensive than one liter of fuel oil. So, from now on bring a drinking bottle anywhere so you can easily refill it.

5. Never Eat in the Business Area or Sightseeing Center

Tourist attractions often have higher food prices compared to prices outside the area. Believe me, the price can double compared to the normal price outside the tourist area. So, for some snacks or drinking water, you should be prepared from home or buy outside the tourist attractions. Because there are also several tourist attractions that prohibit visitors from carrying food from outside. Enough snacks and just drinking water can save you a lot of expenses.

6. Avoid Taxis and Use Public Transportation

Although online taxis and online motorcycle taxis are rife in several major cities in Indonesia at low prices, it does not mean that you can get them in all regions or some other countries. The most appropriate and economical choice is to use public transportation such as trains, buses and other public transportation. Use taxis or similar services only in urgent situations. For example, in the condition of having to catch up with the flight departure schedule.