Want to Vacation with Pets? Consider Some of the Following

Going on vacation with your pet, like a dog or cat, will definitely give you a different experience. In fact, the tendency to vacation with pets is increasing from year to year. Evidenced by the increasing number of airlines or other transportation services, which allows pets to travel.

This tendency may still be small, but there’s no harm in trying to give a vacation sensation that will not be forgotten. Before bringing a pet pet, here are things you can do to prepare physically and mentally for a pleasant experience together.

1. Before starting a long journey, try taking your pet for a shorter route. This is to see the response of the animal, and make it used to walk.

2. Prioritize safety by carrying supporting tools. For example, like a safety harness or a chair for animals in the car. However, in addition to providing security, make sure these tools are comfortable to use by animals.

3. Prepare for the worst possible happen to your pet by gathering information about hospitals or animal clinics around the vacation destination. So when something happens, you know what to do, who to call and know where to take it

4. Do not enjoy the vacation until the moment only, but not with your dog or cat. So make sure that you are ready with the food, keep it well hydrated by giving it a few hours to drink, including giving enough rest.

5. Do your research first if you want to bring your pet by plane. Some airlines allow pets to be in the cabin. While others have more stringent policies, by having to put it in the cargo area

6. If your pet is still too small, wiser if you do not bring it when traveling. Especially when you are going on vacation by plane. Putting a puppy or a cat in the cargo hold will make him afraid or traumatized, because they will have difficulty breathing or various unpleasant conditions in the cargo area.

7. For those of you who are planning a vacation abroad, make sure your pet has completed the required documents. Including, what vaccines to do if you want to enter the country. Because if it’s not met, instead of vacationing with pets, they will instead be quarantined.

8. Don’t forget to hang your identity and contacts that can be contacted on your pet’s neck. This is to anticipate your cat or dog missing while on vacation together.

9. Before flying in an airplane, play with your animals until they feel tired. So during the flight they will more easily fall asleep. Or prepare lavender oil, to help make dogs and cats relax while on the plane.