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leisure timeFor many individuals leisure time has turn out to be a uncommon commodity. Also public researches show that the average quantity of weekly free time of many individuals fell; while the common period of time spent working is now up. It can be explained by the fact of extra time spent on mobile phones or computers, and infrastructure improvement (the issue of traffic gems in large cities).

This might suggest that people who take part in such a pursuit achieve this for causes (to gain “satisfactions”) which are (1) unconscious, (2) perceived to be socially unacceptable in some sense, (three) not included within the list offered, or (four) few in number in contrast with outdoor, energetic, group-oriented pursuits.

What is extremely vital is to create alternatives for adults to participate in different leisure activities and to encompass them with a generous supply permitting them to participate, and with a system of information and counselling to stimulate and maintain motivation for this life-style.

One of the primary potential limitations of the present study is using self-reported questionnaire knowledge to estimate: 1) leisure-time bodily exercise, 2) pupil standing at age of 17 years and three) instructional attainment in younger maturity.

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