5 Fun Activities on Vacation to the Beach

Spending vacation time on the beach is certainly a pleasant agenda. Especially if done with family, friends, friends, or partner. Every moment that happens will be beautiful to capture and remember. But all of that means nothing if at the beach, you don’t know what to do. Or you don’t have creative ideas to do various exciting activities while at the beach. So, as a guide to make your vacation even more memorable, here are some fun activities you can do while on vacation at the beach:


1. Sand Play

The simplest thing you can do is play with sand. In this case, you can build a large sandcastle with your friends or have a competition to build a durable sandcastle from the crashing waves. Yes, the biggest challenge of this game is the coming of the waves which will flatten your sand structures again.

2. Playing Waves

This is an activity that beach visitors often do. The sensation of being hit by big beach waves, then it feels like being thrown onto the beach is certainly a thrilling and exciting experience. In fact, while waiting for these waves, you can play splashing with other friends or chasing along the beach. However, in this case, you must remain vigilant. Don’t be tempted to walk out to sea to wait for the waves. Because there are many Indonesian beaches around the coast which are certainly very dangerous for you.

3. Playing Banana Boat

If you have enough money, do a more challenging water game, namely banana boat. Rent a banana boat and do an extreme voyage in the sea with only a float capital. Your banana boat will be pulled by a marine motorboat driven by a guide and taken out to sea. In the middle of the trip, the guide will perform a sudden turn maneuver so that you feel a tense sensation until you fall into the sea water. Don’t worry, besides being equipped with a life jacket, the guide is also ready to help you if you can’t swim.

4. Snorkeling and Diving

These two activities are very interesting for you to do. By doing these two activities, you can enjoy the natural beauty under the sea. A wide variety of marine life such as fish of various sizes and colors, seaweed, and unspoiled coral reefs will make you amazed. Ask for complete equipment from the guide, or if necessary, go on a dive with a guide.

5. Playing Kites

On the beach, the wind is strong so it’s great for raising kites. Usually, on the beach there are many vendors selling kites of various shapes and sizes. You can choose one of them. However, the challenge in this game is the strength of the wind. While it’s great for raising kites, sometimes the wind can be overwhelming.